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How to Find Love

After yesterday, I'm craving something fluffy and frivolous. Something decidedly not profound. You with me?


Romantic love. Some of us have it. Some of us seek it. Presumably all of us care about it.

What I am wondering today is whether there are more and less legitimate ways of finding love? Is it better to meet your husband or wife in college than it is to meet your husband or wife online? Is it better to meet someone at church than it is in a bar?

(Many of you know that I'm partial to finding love in the early hours of the morning in dark, sweaty jazz bars.)

Where is all of this coming from, you might ask. And I'll admit it because I have before: I'm watching this season of The Bachelorette. 'Tis true. Like many of you, I've been watching a petite girl named Ashley sift through a bevy of suitors in the name of finding her husband. I watch because it is utter brainless silliness and sometimes this is just what I need. I do not watch because I actually think she will find her husband. But I guess you never know?

Truth be told, I think there are infinite good ways to meet people whom we might come to love. As we wade deeper into the technological sea, I think things are shifting and more and more people are going to be connecting in ways we wouldn't have predicted. I think this is wonderful.

But I remain a skeptic about the television angle. I'm not sure why?

(P.S. One of my best friends dated J.P. in high school. How fun is that?)


How did you find love? How do hope to find love? Do you know anyone who has found love in an unorthodox way? Do you think there are more or less legitimate ways of meeting people? Thoughts on television-facilitated romance? Is this fluffy enough for ya?

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