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To celebrate her four-month-birthday, Little Girl decided to party. All night. Yes, that's right. After approximately one month of (pretty much) sleeping through, my tiny thing decided it was time to swing dance out of that pesky swaddle and do the regression rumba.


The quasi-good news is that I passed out for the night at 9pm. So by 1am when she was bright-eyed and bouncing, I had a few choice hours of sleep under my belt. I tried the trusty old pacifier plug, but to no avail. She was wide awake and ready to get wild. So. To make a long story short, I have pretty much been up since 1am wrestling dancing with my little diva.

Alas, the coffee tastes good - and essential - this morn.

What's even better? Middle Girl decided to celebrate along with her little sis. She woke up about a half-dozen times throughout the night and lucky Husband got to shimmy along with her. Nothing like a four-month-birthday to get my girls going.

This morning? The adults are tired and the girls surprisingly perky.

This morning? We are uber-appreciative of Big Girl and her champion sleep stamina.

This morning? I'm feeling slow and silly and apparently a pinch sarcastic.

Time for more coffee. It's hard to believe that one day, and maybe even soon, I will feel rested and not just caffeinated.


How do you handle exhaustion? Do you rely on caffeine to navigate your days?

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