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What Is Your Favorite Color?

Big Girl and Middle Girl ask me one question all the time, usually when they are bent over a blank piece of paper, crayons in hand.

Mom! What's your favorite color?

And every time they ask this, I pause. I pause because I do not have a favorite. Or, maybe more precisely, I do not know what my favorite is. I do not tell them this though. No. Instead, I give them an answer. Green, I sometimes say. I love orange. Red is great. I've always been a fan of blue.

They roll with it and make their beautiful masterpieces with my favorite color-du-jour and then present them to me. And I smile and tell them I love their art which I always do.

But today I'm thinking about this. How I am without a favorite. How childhood is the land of color, the planet of preferences, how as we grow older, we might just forget to ask ourselves what it is we love, what we truly love.

Big Girl's favorite color is purple.

Middle Girl is all about pink.

What about you? Do you have a favorite color or are you uncertain and undecided like yours truly?

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