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This Is Important

As many of you know, I broke my no-blogging-in-August mandate for a very good reason. I came back here to tell a story about the tragic loss of Sergeant Patrick Hamburger (1981-2011), a brother of my good friend E's fiance. Patrick was among those thirty Americans recently killed during an attempted helicopter rescue mission in Afghanistan. I promised that I would come back here and share details about a forthcoming fund that would be established to benefit Patrick's surviving family - his fiance Candie and his two young daughters. So. Here I am. Doing just that. Sharing information. Imploring you to read my original post and then to do something even more. To think about how this young man sacrificed his life for all of us and then to express your gratitude by contributing to the fund that will provide his grieving family the help they so need and very much deserve.

We are all busy. We are all stretched financially or otherwise. But please take a moment and give whatever you can. This is important.

Here is the relevant information as promised...

Donations to the Patrick Hamburger Memorial Fund can be made by check or via PayPal. Please make all checks payable to: Patrick Hamburger Memorial Fund. Checks may be deposited at any U.S. Bank branch location or mailed to U.S. Bank, Attn: Derrik Mather, 4818 South 108th Street, Omaha, NE 68137. To make a donation to the fund via PayPal, please click here.

On behalf of my friends E and M and Patrick's other family, I thank you guys for reading this and for helping out.


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