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Little Girl has graduated. We are now sampling solid foods. So far, she has tried rice cereal, oatmeal, pears, apples, squash, sweet potatoes and carrots (see above for orange-y evidence). Anyway, I love this time. I love watching her face as she tastes something new. I love watching her purse her lips and crinkle her eyes. I even love watching her spit stuff. Of course, I especially love the smiles.

How amazing is it to try new things? To experience a new taste, a new sensation, a new story? Isn't this what makes life delicious, the discovery of life's infinite flavors, the stumbling into self? Because the things we experience, the things we taste and do and come to love, these are all part of who we are.

How often do you try new things? New foods? New activities? New outlooks? As adults, are we encouraged to sample newness as much as we were as kids? I don't know. I do think we get set in our ways, in our tastes and desires, and forget what it's like, and how amazing it can be, to find something new.

Speaking of new things, I have embarked on a new and nutty exercise regime. It is unlike anything I've done before and I'm taxing and testing my body in ways I never have before. I shall tell you more about it soon, so stay tuned!


How often do you try new things? Do you think that as adults we often become overly set in our ways, and more resistant to discovering new things? Did you enjoy the baby food days?

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