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I had the most wonderful birthday. Really. And I will give you all the scoop tomorrow or Friday. But. But today I have an admittedly less-than-dire situation to tell you about but one that is nonetheless baffling us.

Okay, here goes. Big Girl? She's a sweetie. Honestly, she's never given us any real issues. She is strong and discerning, but pretty mellow.

{Cut to the chase, A!}

Okay, will do. She's always let me dress her. And I have had fun with this. I adore buying mini versions of the clothes I'd wear: plaid shirts and skinny jeans and boots. Items in grays and blues and browns with punches of bright color. Joy!

But now. Enter our second child. Middle Girl. Now this kid has the best wardrobe in the world because she has a mix of new items and precious hand-me-downs. But. Yes, but. All of a sudden, she refuses to wear anything but pink. Pink. It's not a bad color, but we don't have many pink things chez Rowley, and, in excess, I'm not a fan. It's kinda Pepto-Bismol-y in my estimation.

But she's feisty, this one. She is small, but savvy and sassy and a fighter. And the tears? They are massive. And effective.

And so. I went on a little special shopping trip. I bought a few new pink things. Shirts and skirts and tights. And when I came home, I presented these items to her and she was delighted. And then I announced the rule. Yes, the rule. I told her that every day, she could wear one pink thing and then I could pick the rest of her outfit. She seemed to agree.

But yesterday morning? Nightmare.

Alas, our chickadee went off to school in a rainbow of pinks. We did secure a victory on the tights (gray and white striped). Score!

This is jokey, but also it's not. Is this a battle worth fighting? Is this a phase? Is this a period of Pinkalicious defiance that will soon pass?

Please say yes. Pretty please.


Thoughts? Advice? Experiences? Stories? Help!! (And THANK YOU for all the fab birthday wishes here and elsewhere!)

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