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A couple weeks ago, I announced that I would be embarking upon a new work schedule. The plan was to devote every Tuesday and Thursday to writing my second book. I was a bit sheepish about publishing my new schedule here because I don't think I believed that I'd really stick to it. But I have. And maybe it sounds silly to say this, but I'm proud of myself. Because I am finally dignifying my writing as work which it undeniably is. Because I am actually making a ton of progress.

That's right. In four days, I have written 13,395 words which amounts to about 53 double-spaced pages. And guess what? I submitted those pages to my lovely agent and we have a phone date this morning to discuss them. Truth be told, I know these pages will evolve tremendously, that profound editing must be done. But still. This is big.

There is a lesson here. For me, certainly. And maybe for you. If you decide to just do it and carve out the time to just do it, well you might then just do it, whatever it might be.

The picture above? It is a page from my evolving manuscript. It seems Middle Girl decided it needed some major work.

The picture above? I love it. I love it because it is symbolic of my life right now. A life of writing and wrangling little ones. A life of black and white and brilliant color. A life of stories and scribbles.


Do you think I can keep up with my writing schedule? Do your little ones like to scribble on your things? Does progress make you giddy? What is it that you would like to devote time to doing?

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