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They Will Be Flower Girls

We are off to D.C. today for Husband's sister's wedding. If you are reading this in the early part of the day, we are likely piled into a big vehicle, singing, eating Goldfish, and praying for a vomit-free trip to our destination. If you are popping by in the second part of the day, we are likely settling into our hotel suite, or rehearsing the ceremony, or attending a rehearsal dinner in honor of the happy couple. Whatever time of day you are here, know that wherever we are, whatever we are doing, we are excited. This is a big weekend for our family. We are beyond thrilled for J and N. We are eager to celebrate their union, their love, their future together.

And get this? All of us Rowleys are in the wedding! That's right. I have the honor of serving as one of J's bridesmaids. Husband will be standing by N's side as a groomsman. And my three little girls? They will be flower girls. They will wear matching ivory dresses. Big Girl and Little Girl will walk down the aisle together and scatter petals. Little Girl will hitch a ride on my hip.

Anyway. I just wanted to write a little something to record this day, this happy day, this day of anticipation. I will be back next week with some fun details about the weekend.

Congrats, J & N! Can't wait to see you tonight and kick off your big weekend!

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