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Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.

Mark Twain

Do you get lots of forwards and jokes in your Inbox? Because I do. Truth be told, I rarely even open them. But I got one last night and something prompted me to click. And I am so happy I did. The following image and words were embedded in the message.

I showed this to Husband and he and I laughed for a good ten minutes, side by side on the couch. We laughed hard.

And I said to him, Hey, I have no post planned for tomorrow so I think I might go ahead and post this. Because people like to laugh. Laughter is important. And I believe this. I think adulthood and responsibility have a way of zapping laughter. This is no good. So here I am doing a public good. Hopefully making you laugh. Or at least smile.

I also deemed this silliness appropriate because it is a shot of a holiday party and we've been discussing holiday parties around here. Speaking of holiday parties, we are hosting ours tomorrow night. We are expecting, gulp, more than one hundred guests. I've told a few people this fact and they've looked at me like I'm crazy for welcoming such a mass of people into our home. And maybe I am? Also a common sentiment has been: How do you even know that many people? To which my reply is, I don't really know. I'm not sure whom we invited or who is really coming. Eek.

Anyway. I'm not sure what possessed me to take on such a gargantuan challenge, but alas, there is a perky little hostess deep inside this harried mommy who is compelled to throw an unforgettable bash. We'll see how that works out.

And if I get at all stressed during or before this soiree, I will pause, look around at the twinkling lights on the trees, the smiles on familiar faces, and if that fails, I will think of this silly holiday party photo. Should bring an instant giggle, no?

Is this funny or what? Do you get lots of silly email? Why do you think I am hosting such a massive affair? Do I have something to prove or am I just intent on fashioning a fun and festive night?

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