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My husband and I went out for dinner last night. He joked that it was my final date night with booze for a while, so I should pick. And I did. We ate Mexican and I sipped some delicious "Skinny" margaritas. It was a wonderful night. His smile was near-permanent, his blue eyes twinkling. I said to him, "You seem really happy that I'm about to do this." And he agreed. He is happy. He is mostly happy, he explained, that I am doing this for myself. He also remarked that to the extent that any of this is for him, or the kids, it is really meaningful. And it is. It is for all of us. And it is also for my mind. Maybe that sounds funny, but I think there is fertile soil to explore here. I look forward to connecting dots, to having ideas alight, to writing through my days. Because I imagine they will be good ones. Good days. And last night? It was a good night. To see him so happy? I cannot express how amazing it felt. An auspicious sign, if you ask me. And if this gets hard, this experiment, when it gets hard, I will come back here, to this little post, and I will remember one of the many reasons why I am doing this.

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