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Name My Sister's Baby Girl!

You know just how much I love baby name posts. (Here's the post where I asked you to help me name Little Girl. It's the all-time most popular post on this blog!) And I know just how much you love baby name posts. So let's get down to business...

As many of you know, Sister C is expecting her second child (yes, a girl!) in early March. She's actually due on Little Girl's birthday which is pretty cool, I think. Anyway, she's getting close. A mere six weeks away. And she and her husband are still without a name for this little chickadee.

That's where we all come in.

Okay, a little information to get our baby name radars pointed in the right direction. Sister C's two-year-old son, known affectionately as Baby Bulldog on this blog, has a wonderful and unique name in real life. I will not disclose his name, but I will tell you that it is a three-syllable Irish surname that is quite obscure when used as a first name. (Think: Garrity, Gulliver, Callahan.) Their last name is two syllables, ends in an "y" sound. (Like: Rowley, Donnelley, Terry.)

I asked C to describe the kind of name they are looking for. And she said they are looking for a name that fits the following three criteria:

1. A name that is either unusual or not very popular;

2. A name that is two or three syllables; and

3. A name that is both strong and feminine.

I know this is still somewhat confusing and cryptic. How much simpler this would be if I just told you their son's name and their last name? Alas. Not going to happen. But I will list a few names they like very much, and have considered, but have decided at this point not to use for one reason or another: Georgiana, Annabel, Henrietta, Bridget, Petra, Genevieve.

Okay, it's your turn. Our turn. Oh yes, I plan to brainstorm today and post my suggestions too. Any ideas? I'm sure you're full of them... Particularly you, my friend Abby Sandel of the fabulous baby name blog Appellation Mountain (where I stumbled upon Little Girl's name last December!)

Ready, set, go! Let's name my sister's baby girl! If the above confuses you (it kind of confuses me) just throw out some unique baby girl names you love.


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