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Okay. This is interesting (to me). I only feel free to write this post because it is anonymous. I think if my name were attached (and it will be at some point), I wouldn't go there. Not that "there" is anything dramatic really. I had my new best bud over for a play date and we had some champagne. We finished a bottle over a couple of hours. Nothing ultra-crazy. She is one of the few people I've told about this future no-drinking endeavor and she's been remarkably supportive and thoughtful. Our conversations are gold. Every time I see her, she asks me questions that make me think, and deeply. Every time I see her, we laugh and celebrate our imperfections, and realize how similar we are. This? This is friendship. I'm worried that some of my friends will not approve of, or understand, my year-long project, but it is good to know that some friends, one or two in particular, will and do. Thank you, H.

On Approval

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