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The Holidays Are History. (I Stepped on the Scale.)

I don't know about you, but I am a bit relieved that the holidays are over. We Rowleys have been racing since the middle of November and I'm ready to slow down a bit. I'm also ready to reacquaint myself with discipline. When it comes to writing, and to other things. Like eating.

Yup. So cliched. To emerge from the jolly season with the desire to become more healthy. But here I am. Announcing said desire.

Yesterday, I did it. I stepped on the scale. This is something I haven't done in some time. And I saw what I expected to see. That I'd gained a bit. Not a ton. Not a dramatic amount. But a few pesky pounds.

Okay, five-ish.

I stepped off that scale with this predictable but disconcerting shred of information and I went on with my day. But first. I did something. I wrote down the date and my weight. I also vowed to do something else: To weigh myself daily. And to write down everything I eat, and the calories in those things, until those five-ish pounds are gone.

I am at Cosi as I write this. I just ate breakfast. An egg white veggie wrap. 264 calories.

I will keep this up. This exercise in ownership, in discipline.

And next week? Husband and I are embarking upon a joint cleanse. He did this cleanse last year and loved it. For a few weeks, we will make shakes and healthy meals together, to get our collective nutritional mojo back. I'm excited. Is that weird?

A month from now? I imagine I will be feeling quite good, full of better energy and better habits. That we will. I look forward to that.

Until then? I will step on that scale upon waking. And I will be aware of what I put in my body. And I will write it all down. Including minutes of daily exercise.

A bit boring? Indeed. But probably quite effective, too. Goodness, I hope so :)

Did you gain any weight over the holidays? Are you happy we are in January? Are you good about imposing dietary discipline on yourself? Have you ever tried a nutritional cleanse? Do you think this post smacks of perfectionism?

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