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This will be quick because I have a meeting with my agent in fifteen minutes. I am a bit anxious, but in a good way. I am really excited about my novel. It's finally really taking shape and I'm eager to chat about it. And I'm also going to tell her about this little plan of mine. I'm curious to see what she says, but I'm reminding myself that it doesn't really matter. This effort to recalibrate, to reboot, to reset, is about me, not about my career. That's the truth. So. Yesterday was my first official day sans wine and it was fine. That's the thing. Even though my sipping has gotten more frequent, it wasn't necessarily an everyday thing and there were plenty of days when I just wasn't interested in having a drink. Yesterday was one of those days. It also happens that I started a nutritional cleanse yesterday. (Perfectionism much?) So I was eating sparingly, and drinking down odd powdery shakes.

Anyway, yesterday was a quiet day. A thoughtful one. I felt, at times, anxious and overwhelmed, but that's okay. I think this weekend drained me more than I even know. And today. I am feeling good. Even without caffeine! Imagine that. Anyway, wanted to check in. I have no doubt there will be points during this "process" that are more difficult, and more interesting, but so far, so good.

No complaints here.

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