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9:09am. A quick stop at Starbucks between drop-off and Physique 57 class. There's a free table. A sign. I decide to sit, to whip up a quick blog post. Something short and sweet to honor the day. I pull out my laptop and two things come with it.

A book.

A card.

The book: The Lover's Dictionary, a novel by David Levithan.

The card: Be Mine! scribbled on an old school cassette tape. Inside, words that I won't share here.

Both are from Husband. He must have slipped them in my bag this morning as we were wrangling the sugar-soaked trio (what? no chocolate covered cheerios and pink donuts in your house this morning?)

I curate a little photo of these items. Add the little green heart that says LOVE BUG that the girls slapped affectionately on my bag before school.

I stand and snap away. Capture a shot. To remember.

And I smile.

Husband and my Girls - I love you too. Happy Candy Day!

How will you celebrate today? Are you more of a chocolate or gummy candy person? What's your all-time favorite candy? Are you a fan of little surprises or grand gestures?

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