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Okay, I feared this would happen. When I was thinking about doing this, going an entire year sans booze, I worried that I would replace it with something, well, equally caloric. And, yup. Here I am. A few pounds up, rippling with regret and mild self-loathing. I have been buying Easter candy - ostensibly for the girls - but have been grabbing handfuls here and there. Well, it's really no mystery that the scale is not being friendly; copious amounts of chocolate do not a fab body make. Oh well. So here is the requisite ownership post wherein I acknowledge my behavioral lapse and vow to change. No more scarfing candy with wild abandon.

What's interesting though is that I think we all have these little (and big) holes in our selves and our lives that we try to fill up because it is uncomfortable and unsettling when they remain open. Some of us fill them with wine. Some with food. Some of us try to fill them by running mile after mile, marathon after marathon. Some of us try to fill them with words.

Is it simply human nature to try to fill these voids instead of feeling them?

{Enough philosophy. No more candy!}

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