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Today I am officially one month in. One whole month without booze. What's really incredible is that this month just went by. It really wasn't much of a struggle. Well, let me rephrase. Of course it was a struggle - in the way it is always a struggle, the good kind - but it wasn't an extra struggle because I was not drinking.

To the contrary. This month has been really quite good. I feel that things are coming together. I feel great about how things are going with my girls; our interactions have been easy and rich and enjoyable. And maybe if you aren't a parent that will sound odd to you, but the reality is that parenting young things is hard work and not always fun. So. All I am saying is that parenting during the course of this month has been a bizarrely positive experience.

Tonight I am having friends over to celebrate my friend's big birthday. This is the friend who was struggling profoundly many weeks ago, the friend whom we all helped. She is home now and tonight will be a dry evening. So interesting that this is how I will be spending my night one month later...

One month ago, I was scared to do this. And now? I am just happy I had the strength to give it a try. I think this is going to be a good year. A struggle, yes. Always. But good.

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