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We are not avid theater-goers. But a friend told me about a new play Seminar on Broadway. She said she thought I would like it because it is about writers. In a very un-me-like move I went online and bought us some tickets for the very next night.

The play was wonderful and smart. I related to so much of the humor. My husband enjoyed it tremendously as well which goes to show it will not just appeal to us nutty creative types.

I realized as I sat there flipping through the Playbill that a classmate from high school directed the play. This is his Broadway debut. I smiled when I connected these dots. It's really amazing to see others living their dreams.

Something I noticed, something to which I was probably keenly attuned? In almost every scene, the actors (all writers) were drinking. Beer. Booze. All of it. And this of course got me thinking about drinking and creativity. Is the latter only possible with the former? Does drinking enhance or inhibit our creative selves?

I guess I will find out.

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