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So. It's Super Bowl Sunday and I'm in bed. The plan is to watch the half-time show (on DVR; took place while we were tucking the tiny ones into bed) and then call it a night so I can wake up early tomorrow. Ideally, I will wake up around 4:30am, do an hour on the treadmill, and then head to Starbucks at 5:30am to write a bit before the kids are up. I know this sounds crazy but the thought of doing this makes me kind of happy. Goodness, I'm changing.

No. Really. I am. Last week, I woke up before 5:30am for three days in a row. On Thursday, I wrote and then made it to spin class. On Friday, I woke up early and wrote. And I felt really good. I'm not naturally a morning person, not these days anyway, but I'm training myself to be because there is something exquisite and inspiring about those early morning hours before the world is really awake.

Anyway. Tonight was fun. My family came over to watch the first half of the game and gorge on a football-esque feast. The kids went to bed pretty easily and my man and I spent a bit of time cleaning up while keeping an eye on the game. At one point this afternoon, my mind went to alcohol. I said, It would be fun to have a beer tonight. But that was it. I thought it and then I moved on.

I am feeling so incredibly good about this plan of mine. The fact that I am here - at 8:24pm on a Sunday and I am feeling optimistic and motivated for the week is a great sign; historically, Sundays have been hard for me.

Okay, that's it. A marginally boring update, but I'll take it.

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