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So. I slept in. 'Tis true. Per Husband, my alarm did in fact go off at 5:15am, but I managed not to hear it. I blame Middle Girl who had to go and contract Pink Eye yesterday and then climb into bed with us circa 1:45am. Alas.

So. This will be short and sweet. But interesting too.

Where do you live?

As you know, I was born and raised here in Manhattan. I am a city girl at heart and now I am raising three little city girls. And I love the city. For far too many reasons to enumerate and explore now. But know this: I love our life here. It's pretty likely we will be here for the long haul.

So. Today. I want to ask you: Where do you live today and is it where you grew up? Do you love where you are settled today or do you long for a logistical change? Do you think it's bizarre that I am so enthusiastic about rearing my children here in this wonderful concrete jungle? Or do you get it?

Your turn. Tell me where you are now, whether you love it there and why. Do you have hopes of moving one day or are you satisfied where you are?

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