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This is a pretty typical weekend image. Us. Central Park. Ridiculous child-chosen outfits, sundry toting paraphernalia. I took this one last Sunday. The plan was to head to Turtle Pond, the girls' very favorite place, but the lawn was still closed for the season. And so we rolled with it, buying waffles from the waffle truck, eating them on a bench on the dock while the girls ran about saying hello to turtles and ducks. In the end, we were all very sticky and quite happy.

Here, in this picture, we are on our way home.

Home. This is where we spend so much of our time, so many of our moments. We love to get out, to have adventures in this incomparable city, but we love being home, too.

But this weekend, we are getting away. Husband and I are. We are headed South for a weekend with friends. The girls are super excited to spend the next couple days with Grammy and Dad-Dad, and we are very grateful to indulge in some time away, some frolic, some fun.

Truth be told, I don't love leaving the girls, but I am looking forward to this weekend. To spending time in a new place, to savoring a stint sans kiddos, to sleeping in, to reuniting with old friends.

A big thank you to my lovely in-laws for stepping in so we can step out. Happy weekend, all!

Are you a homebody? How often do you get away? How often do you make a point of reuniting with old friends? What's on tap for the weekend? Oh, and do you let your kids dress themselves??

Scenes from the Weekend