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I am posting this at 6pm on Thursday, March 29. As a bit of an experiment. I'm big on experiments these days.


So. I had this idea. And I wanted to run it by you guys.

Those of you who have been reading know that I have embarked upon an existential experiment of sorts: a Year Without Wine. And I continue to be excited about this, and empowered, and intrigued, and have been brainstorming ways to weave this project into my daily life, and into my daily writing.

So the idea is that I will write a little something - it could be one sentence or one question or a blurb about my day - between the hour of 5pm and 6pm. Many of you will appreciate that this is not a random hour. No, this is the hour when afternoon fades into evening, and the kids fade into, well, tired kids. This is the hour when stress tends to surge, when a glass of wine sounds swell.

{I wouldn't spend a lot of time on this. A few minutes, maybe longer. Maybe the time I would take to write an email to a friend. I would be doing this not to ignore my life or responsibilities but rather as a way to (quickly) process the day I've had. Can you tell I am anticipating potential criticism that I am concocting away to avoid my children? :)}

So. Instead of pouring that glass of wine, I will pour words. It might just be a moment from my day - a brilliant moment or a tough one. It might just be an idea I had. It might just be something I don't want to forget. Or it might be an utter rant about my day, my life, this utterly unnecessary but also very eye-opening experiment I have undertaken.

I would write something and set it up to post 6pm every night (or maybe just Monday through Thursday evening?) I would do this so that you guys would be able to pop by here at that time, or around that time, a time that might also be a bit nutty in your home, or in your head. And you could ingest my little something, and realize that you are not alone, and maybe a little conversation could unfold in the comment box. About our days. About our frustrations. About our ideas. About this thing we call life.

What do you guys think? Because, yes, I would be writing these words for me, but they would also be very much for you.

Thoughts? What are the toughest hours of the day for you, in your home? Would you read my blog in the evening or do you really prefer morning? Thoughts on multiple posts here per day?

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