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We went on a "Spring Break adventure" yesterday to the Central Park Zoo. It was a glorious sun-drenched day. I took a lot of pictures because I have fallen in love with photography, and because I love nothing more than capturing moments with my girls. This shot is probably my favorite of the bunch. In it, my big girls are looking at the big old slumbering polar bear. I love how they have their hands and noses pressed to the glass.

I wonder if they notice that this is really what I am doing? That I spend so much of my time, nose pressed to the glass, looking at them, watching them, studying them? I wonder if they notice me watching?

I realize something in the very moment I am writing this. I realize that this is one of the most priceless privileges of parenthood, this opportunity to watch them, this opportunity to watch them watch, to see things for the first time all over again. Things like a big snoozing white bear.

Another favorite. Dancing their way home.

Happy Tuesday, all.

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