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Danielle LaPorte. A friend. An inspiration. Last time I saw her, she came to my home and we sat in my garden. She held Little Girl who was just three months old. Fed her a bottle. I was exhausted. Danielle had just met her NYC book team. She was positively glowing. We talked about life, and love, and writing. You know. The good stuff.

Two days ago. Wednesday night. I attended her book launch party. Her sold out launch party. The line wrapped around the corner. Inside, people drank and danced. I stood there on the balcony with my bad-ass Sugar Free Red Bull and listened as Danielle spoke about her latest baby THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS: A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success On Your Own Terms a book that is beautiful and bold and already blazing at #1 on several Amazon lists. I also listened as she performed some exquisite poetry, her own words spilling from her, scattering over a sea of smiling souls.

She was absolutely incredible.

I came home. And I felt it. A little fire inside me. My name actually means little fire, a fact Danielle and I have talked about. I came home and I stayed up late - until 1am - thinking, and writing, and creating. I woke up happy, ignited, alive. Yesterday was a wonderful day full of ideas, full of sparks. And today? It's already off to a good start.

This woman is downright brilliant. The real deal. And I want to do everything in my power to help her rise to top. Because, frankly, that's where she belongs. That's her place.

And so. I am doing my tiny part here to support a friend and fellow writer and mother and thinker. I am going to give away a copy of her stunning new book today. Please leave a comment before 11pm EST for a chance to win.

Ready. Set. Comment. Let's make this amazing woman a New York Times bestseller!

A few prompts:

What gets you fired up?

What's your passion?

Do you feel stuck or successful or in-between?

Are you familiar with Danielle and her work?

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