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There are voices.

They are real and imagined, imagined and real.

They whisper. They whine. They shout.

True things are nice. It's nice to tell the truth

When truth is pretty, sparkly stuff.

But when truth is gray, cracked, crusted,

uncertain, unsweetened, undone,

keep it covered, keep it quiet.


There are voices.

Theirs, yours, mine.


Some things are not meant to be said.

Think them, sure, but never say them.

Because saying them means they might be real.

Because saying them means people might know.

And to these voices,

These voices that are real and imagined, theirs, yours, mine

whispering voices, whining voices, shouting voices,

I stand up, I say something:

But I am interested in true things.

All of them.

Those made of sparkles and those made of sadness.

Those made of rainbows

Those made of grays.

In fact, it is the grays that grab me most.

I will say things. True things.

Things that are real.

Things people should know.

Things people already know because these things are theirs, too.

There are voices.

There always will be.

How to live with these voices and be true to our things?


Are you afraid of telling the truth about certain things? Are there voices in your life that keep you from doing what you want and need, saying what you want and need? Are you interested in truth that is real or fiction that is pretty? Tell me one true thing. I double dare you.

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