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ivy league insecurities. what's this?

I am an ivy leaguer. And I am insecure. (So are you.)

In April 2009, I started a blog called Ivy League Insecurities. The premise behind said blog is that nothing - not even the best education in the world - prepares you for life.

I am the product of three phenomenal schools - The Dalton School here in Manhattan, Yale College, and Columbia Law School. All three are all considered to be Ivy League. (Yes, Dalton continues to be part of the Ivy Preparatory League; I'm not making this stuff up.) Hence my blog name.

Rewind. April of 2009, I had just signed a book deal, had recently lost my father to cancer and had two baby girls at home. I was confused, insecure, overwhelmed.

Guess what? I still am.

The more I talked to people around me - friends, sisters, fellow writers and parents - the more I realized that I was not alone. Far from it. All of us - yes, even you - harbor insecurities about identity and existence. Only some of us are willing to talk so openly about these insecurities. Apparently, I am one such creature.

Insecurities are Inspirations.

I believe this. I believe that when we stop pretending, when we stop polishing the facade, when we are honest that we are not perfect beings, that we are struggling, that we want things, that we crave change, when we allow ourselves to be insecure and real, life gets much more rich and much more interesting.

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