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Confession: Husband and I haven't been on a proper just-the-two-of-us old school vacation since before Big Girl entered the picture. That's six years, people. Way too long. We plan to fix this in the next year.

But. I am realizing something. I am realizing that this no-drinking-thing is really a trip of sorts. A voyage. To where?

To right here.

I have new eyes. I'm seeing things differently. Myself. You. My words. The world.

And this? This might very well be the best kind of adventure. To travel miles and miles while staying put.

Okay, who are we kidding? I love the idea of seeing through new existential eyes, but I want sand. I want sunsets.

I want sleep.

When's the last time you took a vacation? Have things in your life - kids, career, etc - put a damper on your traveling? Have you ever experienced this new eyes thing, the sense that you are seeing things anew? Any great vacation recommendations (ideally 4-5 day trip, not a uber-long flight)?

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