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A Supermodel in Your Basement

My friend. She's defecting to the 'burbs. I choose this verb because I am sad that she is going. Alas.

Anyway, she has three little kids - and is pondering a fourth which makes me a pinch envious - and is considering hiring a live-in nanny. The nanny would live in a guest room in her basement. She told me that this actually makes more financial sense than hiring live-out help. Fine.

The debate here is not help versus no help or live-in versus live-out help although those can indeed be interesting - and incendiary - debates. The debate here has to do with the particular nanny.

The potential nanny? She just signed with a major agency as a model. A plus-size model, but we all know that these days plus-size models are pretty much size 6-8. The point? She's hot.

My friend does not seem fazed by any of this, that there would be a gorgeous 22-year-old living in her home. And this makes me smile because it is clear that my friend is happy and confident. It doesn't hurt at all that my friend is gorgeous... and a lovely size zero.

But. I don't know. I just couldn't do it. Invite a model to come live in my home, with me, with my husband. Here's the thing. I trust my man. Completely. But I'm still not sure I'd want to add that little bit of eye candy to the trenches. Am I crazy to think this way?

Would you hire a model to live in your home and help out with your kids? How much does beauty affect your interpersonal decisions? Do you think it is unfair of me to suggest that my friend not hire someone because of her looks and her job? Is this some kind of discrimination I imagine?

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