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Yesterday. I woke up. I cuddled little girls, tried to get them to eat. I put on a happy dress, a dress with flowers. I dug around for waterproof makeup. I knew I'd need it. And I did.

She walked across the stage. My tiny creature. My first. She wore a little gown. A little cap. One with a tassel she's allowed to keep forever. A number, golden, plastic, attached to the tassel: 2012.

She walked across the stage. She shook her teacher's hand. She collected a diploma. She smiled.

She graduated.

And I sat in a seat. And my eyes brimmed with tears. And I clapped furiously and smiled hard and took pictures. So many.

When it was time, we found her onstage. I scooped her up, twirled her around, whispered words into her ear: I'm so proud of you.

Lunch. Ice cream sandwiches. A new toy. Skipping with little sisters home. Home.

Another day.

A big one.


Today. Today it's my turn. To graduate.

After working hard for many months with a thoughtful and talented friend and colleague, we are finally here. And I am emotional and excited as I don my invisible cap and gown, and walk across that invisible stage. But also. Also I am smiling an ice-cream-sandwich-new-toy-class-of-2012 smile. And skipping home.


Here we are.




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Thank you all so much for reading my words for the past three-plus years. I am so excited to have this new corner of the cyber-cosmos and very much hope you like it here! (What do you think? Come on... go ahead and ease my wild Aidan-esque insecurities about making this big change...)

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