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So. If I can give up alcohol for one year (5.5 months to go!), I can most certainly give up Internet for one month, right? I think so. And it seems that the majority of you think I should give it a try, this unplugging thing.

I guess we will see how it goes, because starting tomorrow, August 1, I will be unplugging in a big way. No writing this blog, no reading other blogs, no Facebook update consumption or creation, no Tweeting. Only some light email-checking here and there to make sure I don't miss an important Kindergarten announcement or alienate someone I love.

My gut is that this will be hard. At first. That I will twitch a bit from my self-imposed inability to come here and muse on life and love, that I will have urges to scroll through your updates and tweets and fashion my own, that I will reach for my iPhone in moments of silence or exacerbation.

But. My hope is that with a bit of practice, I will settle in. To a more liquid life with my little creatures. To lazy mornings full of big coffee cups and big cuddles, to days full of sunshine and smiles and family. To whatever it is that happens (or doesn't happen) when we actually allow ourselves to stop, think, and be.

Okay, I'm not going to lie... I had a bit of a pre-cyber-cleanse panic yesterday and signed up to participate in Susannah Conway's amazing August Break one-photo-per-day blogging carnival. I figured pre-loading a month's worth of photos wouldn't be cheating, right? But then, circa 9:40pm last night, as I was horizontal on the sectional, cloaked in a dreamy post-Pinkberry haze, watching Olympic swimming with my main man, I decided - and I think rightly, too - that said participation in said community blogging effort would be fun of course, but would also go against the spirit of the pure, total, unblemished unpluggedness I now seek (and, let's be honest, fear).


Not a word, you say? Alas. We shall add it to the ADR Fictionary.

I hope you all have a wonderful, story-filled month. *See* you in September!

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