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At school this year, Big Girl played something called the Chase Game in P.E. I think this is the way it went... One kid would get a head-start and begin running around the gym and then a few moments later, the next kid would take off and chase the first kid, and try to tag him/her. My girl loved this game. I think the fact that she is fast, and often won, had something to do with her enthusiasm for the game.

As she described the game to me after she first played it, I immediately thought of the fact that some kids wouldn't win, and that everyone would be sitting there, watching. It made me a bit anxious to envision this sport, this conspicuous introduction to the reality of winning and losing in life. But, ultimately, I concluded that this is a good game for the kids. In large part because I think there is something exciting and existentially important about chasing.

I think a life spent chasing is a good life. I think it is good to have things up ahead of us that we want to get to, and grab. I think it is good for us to keep our sneakers fast on the floor of life, to give it our uncompromising all. I also think it is good for us to win, and to lose. Even while others are watching. Because others are always watching, aren't they?

Who knew a preschool game could trigger such deep(ish) thoughts. Guess that's the way I roll.

What are you chasing? A child? A dream? A man? A woman? A sense of passion? A sense of peace? A sense of security? Do you think a life of chasing is a good life or does it sound pretty sweet to stand still and chill?


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