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This is a recent shot of the interior of the Rowley fridge. And, never fret, I have not traded in my beloved Pinot Grigio for beer as it might appear in this image. In case you are interested, the copious beer bottles are leftover from a recent shindig and we will break 'em out for Sister C's Leaving-NYC-Party (wah) soon. Something I notice by studying this shot? We are practically dairy (and non-dairy) hoarders. At any given point, we have at least four types of milk on hand: organic whole for Little Girl, organic 1% for her big sisters, soy milk for Nanny, almond milk for moi. Then there are the sundry other milkyproducts - yogurt sippies and squeezes, Horizon milk boxes, even ProBugs.

In the event that you dig trivia (and expensive but yummy food products for your wee ones), ProBugs are kefir. Kefir is, in my humble opinion, an especially snazzy word and makes me think of Keifer Sutherland who makes me think of Kevin Bacon, whom, by the way, I recently saw twice in one day -- first at Big's ballet class and then on my childhood block -- all of which I took it as some cosmic sign of something I've yet to determine. Painfully random, I know.

What's in your fridge? What kind of milk products do you and your creatures consume? Do you have any aspirations to overhaul your own or your family's nutrition like I sometimes do? Any fun celeb sightings of late?

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