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Believe me. I know. It's hard to begin things. It's hard because we don't know where to start.

But the truth is that beginning well, as Aristotle says, is often half the work. Often if we just decide to start, things will fall into place. The story will come together. Dots will connect. And before we know it, an end will be in sight.

I guess I am just realizing how different so many of our lives would be if we weren't so scared. To commit ourselves to something exciting and uncertain. To say screw it, I'm going to try this. To look failure in the face and say: Bring it. I can handle you.

Yup, this is a pep-talk of sorts. For all of you.

Mainly, selfishly, for me.

Do you ever think how different your life would be if you were less risk-averse, more willing to begin things, even things at which you might fail? Any clue how to instill in our little creatures the boldness to begin?

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