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ADR Friday Loves 10.12.12

It's Friday again. And I am realizing how much I love this day of the week. I always have of course - who doesn't love Fridays? - but I find myself embracing Fridays more and more,  releasing and relaxing as the day goes on, gearing up for the slower pace of the weekend ahead. I think doing these fun and frilly posts has helped me enjoy Fridays even more; As many of you know, I can overthink things and take life and myself pretty seriously at times, but coming here and posting pretty images and telling you what I love feels good and light and is proving to be a very effective way for me to dial it down a notch and decompress. Anyway, today should be a good fall Friday as I am going pumpkin picking with Big Girl. Oh how I love this season. Happy Friday, all!

1. Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan.

I loved her best-selling debut novel Commencement and J. Courtney Sullivan's latest Maine - also a NYT bestseller - is a wonderful read. I'm not going to lie: This story about three generations of women in the loving and complicated Kelleher family reminded me at times of my own family. I adore Sullivan's witty and observant prose and am thrilled that we share the same fantastic literary agent Brettne Bloom!


2. Month Stickers.

We parents love to document the month milestones of our little ones, don't we? Well, these stickers - which can be slapped right on that standard-issue white onesie - are perfect for these monthly photo shoots. Far cuter than those handmade "signs" made from computer paper and ballpoint pen, these month stickers from Picky Sticky make for a thoughtful and unique baby gift for the new moms and dads in our lives.


3. Swatch Chrono Plastic Watches.

These watches are big and bulky and practical and fun. The Swatch Chrono Plastic watches come in a slew of fun colors. I have the orange, but am also a big fan of the turquoise pictured here. When I bought it this summer, I thought I'd wear it when running around with the kiddos and while at the gym, but find myself wearing it with dressier duds. Nothing wrong with a loud plastic-y punch of color, right?


4. Urban Ears.

I am no headphone connoisseur and admittedly know little about the technology of listening, but I do love my Urban Ears. They are big, but fold and come in a variety of fun colors. I was tempted by the Tanto (a vibrant yellow/orange), but ultimately went for the decidedly more subdued Indigo. Now, I wear these guys a lot - when I am parked at Starbucks plugging away on my laptop and I enjoy the soundproofing of the larger headphones, but Urban Ears also makes ear buds.


5. Zebra Rugs.

Not sure why exactly, but I love these zebra rugs from Jonathan Adler. I think they are cheeky and cool. I bought the turquoise one for Little Girl's nursery and I think it looks fresh and fab on the white hardwood floors. I was able to justify this purchase because the rest of her nursery is hand-me-down central. Ah, the poor third child :)

What are you loving these days? What are Fridays like for you? Thoughts on month-by-month baby photo shoots, animal-shaped rugs, tales of  family dysfunction, big old headphones? Have you ever been pumpkin picking?

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