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Today is my birthday. At 3:38 this morning, I turned 34. Not young. Not old.

Today is my birthday. And I will spend it doing the things I love: drinking coffee, writing words, wrangling girls, talking and laughing with people I love. There will be school drop-offs and pick-ups, ballet classes, a Preschool Picnic if the weather obliges, and, finally, a quiet dinner out with my man. There will be moments of looking back, and forward, and in.

Today is my birthday. And the odd thing, the beautiful thing, is that I feel good, optimistic, full. About where I am. About where I've been. About where I'm headed - even if I don't know exactly where that is. (We never do, do we? And isn't this what makes life so amazing?)

Thank you all for your love and support over this past year of my life. It's been a good one.

 Are you big on birthdays or a bit sheepish about them like I am? How did you spend your last birthday? Do you feel good about where you are today and where you're headed? At what time of day were you born?

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