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So. I decided to wake up at 5am today to sneak in a little work before the madness. I set my iPhone to Phillip Phillip's "Home" and left it in the bathroom so I could not turn it off in my sleep. And it worked. I got out of bed and actually stayed out of bed. And I made my way to the kitchen where I promptly headed straight for the coffee maker. Now, Husband, good guy that he is, usually wakes up before me and makes the coffee, but this morning I was on it! I poured in the grinds (Starbucks Christmas Blend, baby!) and then filled the water tank. And then I hit Brew. Easy-peasy.

And as the coffee was doing its drippy jig, I opened my laptop and lost myself. I looked up when I heard liquid hitting the ground. I looked over and my counter and floor were flooded. And suddenly I was on my hands and knees, soaking up the rogue coffee with dish towels. Turns out Husband usually fills the water tank before going to bed to save himself some time the next morning. Would have been awesome to know.


Just a little glimpse into my morning. Perhaps a message from the universe that I should stay in bed that extra hour and let my guy tend to the caffeine preparations?

Happy Thursday, all!

Any domestic mishap stories to make me feel better? Does your partner make you coffee or do other nice things for you on a day-to-day basis? Do you tend to get sucked into the online world once you enter it? What time do you wake up in the morning?

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