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"Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal." - Arthur Shopenhauer

See the above pic? It is a scene from Monday morning. We had just arrived at Newark Airport and the girls and I waited curbside with all of our stuff while Husband fetched the car. After a 4am wakeup, we were all a bit loopy and exhausted and the girls were extra silly for some reason and they danced around and sang songs. All of this made me smile.

And now we are home. And I'm so happy about this, and happy that it will soon be December. This is probably my favorite month of the year, a month that contains my man's birthday, our wedding anniversary, and my favorite holiday of all.

This is the season of giving. And I'm giving myself an early gift: change. That's right. After playing around with the idea of switching things up here, I'm going for it. For the next month (or longer), this place will feel different. One difference? I will include tiny bits of fiction here from time to time, bits I will affectionately call ADR Fic Bits. Another difference? There will on occasion be more than one post per day (and even on weekends!), but some of my posts will be snack-sized. That doesn't mean they won't be yummy though, or nutritious enough to make you think. That's always been my goal here: To make you think. To make me think.

Anyway, I'm really excited about the very idea of change, experimenting with it here and elsewhere, and seeing where it leads me, and all of us.

Happy Wednesday, kids. See you at lunchtime for some cool news :)

Are you good with change? How often do you experiment with change in your own life? Are you game for seeing changes here?


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