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Last night was the annual gala at the American Museum of Natural History. Historically, this has been one of our most favorite nights of the year. Giddy, I pulled out my Christmas dress from last season and then did something a bit embarrassing: I snapped a few goofy pics of myself. Here, I am in my bathroom and I have just finished getting gussied up for the big evening out.

Here, I am making my old school ADR Mischief Face. My look says one thing: Bring it.

This is one of our favorite nights of the year not just because it tends to be stocked with celebs, but because almost eight years ago, Husband and I celebrated our wedding at the museum. And the museum gala follows the exact format our wedding did - cocktails with the dinosaurs in the Rotunda...

... and then dinner under the big Blue Whale. And so this is really a true going back for us, to the night we said our vows in that beautifully-lit church the weekend before Christmas, to that moment when we looked each other in the eye, fighting tears, and said silently, Let's do this. What a cool thing to get dressed up and go back once a year and relive bits from that important night.

But then. Then there are the celebs. Each year, the cast of Saturday Night Live attends and sits at Lorne Michaels' table. They were all there last night. And the real treat was that Tina Fey hosted. And she managed to be both lovely and uproariously funny. She mentioned that she was happy to be up there at the mike filling in for General Petraeus and Elmo who both canceled. I admire this woman so much and it was fantastic and inspiring to see her speak.

And then there was the musical talent. I've always kind of liked Maroon 5, but now I'm a genuine fan. Adam Levine (who is the musical guest on SNL this coming weekend) did an acoustic set and was unbelievable. He played "Sunday Morning," "Moves Like Jagger," (Jagger was rumored to be in attendance but I never saw him), dropped the F-bomb and S-bomb in "Payphone" and could not stifle his own laughter after dedicating "She Will Be Loved" to Jason Sudeikis.

Here is a cool shot Husband snapped. When I confessed to my man and our table that I found Adam Levine to be very hot, Husband said that's why he is growing a beard - to compete with Adam. Of course. I asked him whether tattoos are next.

Oh, and speaking of Jason Sudeikis, his exquisite gal pal Olivia Wilde was in attendance, wearing a stunning navy lace ball gown. My little sisters and I may or may not have followed her into the bathroom. We may or may not have chatted with her in said bathroom. We may or may not have concluded, and swiftly, that she is inhumanly gorgeous. And then we may or way not have mingled with, okay around, Jason, Olivia and the SNL folks.

On the way out of the museum, I asked Sister T to snap a few shots of Husband and me. My friend took one too and sent it along this morning.

It seems like the beard is working, no? Adam's got nothing on this guy.

Anyway, it was just such a good night full of family, frolic and fun (as were my past museum nights with Dave Matthews, Sir Elton John, and Coldplay!) And I am tired today but oh was it worth it. And lest my head get too big and I fancy myself a bejeweled celebrity gala chick, I had three tiny people on hand at home this morning to bring me straight back down to earth. One such person raided my closet as I was brushing my teeth.

have a great weekend, guys!

xoxo, adr

Am I the only one who takes goofy self-portraits from time to time? Do you enjoy getting dressed up and going out? Thoughts on facial hair and tattoos on men? Any Tina Fey or Maroon 5 fans out there? Where did you get married and how long ago?

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