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You are 20 months tomorrow. And you are getting bigger and bigger, louder and louder. Indeed a force to be reckoned with. On Saturday afternoon, we took you girls to the schoolyard nearby. And your big sisters brought their bikes, and rode around. And you chased them, face red, arms flailing, angry. It wasn't fair.

And so your big sister hopped off her yellow tricycle and we gave you a turn. And you didn't quite get it of course; Daddy balanced you on the little seat and zoomed you around. All was fun and games until you realized that you weren't riding by yourself. Independence. You want it already.

Soon enough, my kid.

But I'm in no rush to let go. No, I'm keen on slowing things down, on keeping track of these tiny milestones that aren't so tiny at all.

November 3, 2012: Your first time on a bike.

How are you with your own or your kids' firsts? How to handle my tiny thing's fierce desire for independence? Any fun little or big bike stories? Do you remember your or your little one's first ride?



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