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25 Articles I Plan to Read Immediately

I've been blogging for the Huffington Post since last spring and what a privilege it has been to do so. To be honest, this blog right here is my first love, my cozy place to come, and will continue to be, but to have the opportunity to write for the HuffPost has been nothing short of amazing. I have a few pieces there that I'm really proud of: The Truth About Parenthood and My Miscarriage: The Story I Will Keep Telling. The former is fiction, the latter very, very real. The former is about the universal landscape of parenthood, the latter about the personal landscape of loss.

Anyway, as you can probably tell from my posts over the last week-plus, I have been thinking a lot about things and asking a lot of questions and the really amazing thing is that I am coming to some conclusions. One is that I love, and need to read and write, both fiction and truth. Another? It is vitally important for me to continue to explore, and process, what it means to be a woman and a mother in this modern world.

Which brings me to this: HuffPost's Best Articles 2012: The 25 Pieces That Should Be Required Reading For Women. I have not yet been able to make my way through all of the pieces listed there, but the ones I have read have been unbelievable. I was thrilled, but not at all surprised to see that my friend Allison Slater Tate made the list for her revolutionary call for us moms to get in the picture (and holiday picture!) with our kids. And two nights ago, I stayed up late in my little purple-pineappled library reading Lena Dunham's piece about Nora Ephron. Needless to say, Dunham's words lit a spark in me. See my below status update on Facebook for proof of said spark/obsession.

Anyway. I plan to savor these 25 pieces of writing and invite you to do the same. As an aside, I am loving these thoughtfully curated link lists and plan to do some of my own here at ADR so stay tuned!

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