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ADR Friday Loves: Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon is my favorite kids' book. Hands down. What I love? That I remember reading it as a girl and that I have crisp memories of reading it to all three of my babes. Another thing I recently realized? I grew up in a green room. Not just a green room, the Green Room. Imagine an enormous room on the garden level of a brownstone shared by five sisters. Imagine Celtic green carpets and desks. Imagine a bunk bed, a balance beam running the length, Larry Bird posters galore... Guess what I wrote my college essay about? Yup, the Green Room. Now I am wondering whether it was indeed the book or the Bird who inspired all of this?

Oh, a related love... Check out the recent spoof of Goodnight Moon in The New Yorker. It's called Goodnight Nanny-Cam and it's downright delicious.

Do you love this book as much as I do? What color was your room growing up? What did you write your college essay about?

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