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I have no business posting because we are literally racing to get out the door to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. I bought tickets weeks ago and have been so excited to take our girls to see this show I remember loving as a girl. But. But this morning I am not feeling so festive. And how can I when my thoughts are with twenty families who do not have their pajama-clad little ones with them on this morning? Twenty families who took their little girls and boys to school yesterday morning, just like we did. Twenty families who planned on celebrating this season in they way they knew how.

I will buck up and smile and we will have fun. But, this morning, it will all be, in part, an act. Isn't this part of parenthood too though? This faking it when we must? This taking it because we have to?

Okay. Must get dressed. The Rockettes are awaiting the Rowleys.

But tell me something: How to feel festive in times like this? This is not a rhetorical question, but a real one. And I want your thoughts.

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