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Introducing ADR Old School

I just checked and it turns out that I've published 1,036 posts here at ADR. Honestly, this amazes me. That's a lot of words. I had planned to do some kind of fun and festive post to commemorate my 1000th post, but clearly I missed the boat on that one. Alas. Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about my old posts. And I've been going back and reading them and it's so interesting because I recognize myself in them, but I also realize when perusing my archives that I've changed over the past almost four years. A lot. I've been brainstorming a way to bring some of my past words and ideas and questions back here to the present day and this is what I've come up with: ADR Old School posts. These are oldies but goodies, posts that I wrote a while back when a lot of you weren't yet reading, posts that I personally want to revisit and remember and re-think. I hate the idea that my favorite silly and serious musings are getting buried here as time ticks on and I feel like this is a decent way of keeping my older words alive and kicking and in play.

The cool thing is that this idea fits, and pretty well I think, with my new approach to blogging (or hyperblogging). When I was posting only once per day and never on weekends, I wouldn't have wanted to waste a whole day on vintage verbiage. But now? Now that I am feeling more free to mix things up and post more, I think these Old School posts will prove a nice addition. I hope you agree.

As for how intensive this Old School program will be, that remains to be seen. One thought is that I will post these guys at night when I am busy logging time on the couch with my man or responding to your comments from the day. I like the idea of there being something fresh up here at night even if it's only kind of fresh (okay, frozen and thawed). I also think that nighttime can often be the most quiet and thoughtful time and I know that this is often when I'm most inclined to read someone's more vulnerable words about existence.

Anyway. I haven't figured it all out, but I am realizing again and again and again that this is okay and this is life. Will I go back to drinking in January? Will I ever finish my next novel? Will I follow through with these Old School posts in any logical or linear way? Who knows? But we will all find out.

Okay, so that's it for now. Another tweak to this place I so treasure. Turns out I am a big fan of tweaking.

Happy Tuesday, all!

Thank you all so much for your thoughts on yesterday's post about what I will do after my Year Without Wine is up. I'm still catching up on my responses, but plan to reply to all of you as your comments were beyond insightful and inspired. If you happened to miss yesterday's post, please check it out and leave your two (or twenty) cents!

Thoughts on this Old School addition to ADR? If you are a blogger, how do you handle or not handle your archives? Do you ever go back and look at old words or old pictures and barely recognize yourself? What topics are you most interested in reading about here - Parenthood? Publishing? Drinking? Grief? Happiness? Bangs?

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