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This morning. I asked Husband to read today's post. And he did and he said he loved it. And I asked him if he perhaps wanted to leave a supportive husbandy comment and he said he was proud of me and happy with how everything is going with me and our family, but that he just isn't the commenting type. And he isn't. Many of you aren't and I know that, and respect that. I think I need to remember that way back when, when I was in college and law school, I would sit there in class, absolutely riveted and engaged and inspired, but would never be the one raising my hand to be called on by the professor. It just wasn't my thing.

I also need to remember that way back when, before I began blogging, I wasn't even the blog-reading type. I didn't know what a blog was before I began this one and I certainly wouldn't have been one to leave a comment. Obviously, things have changed. But I just want to say that I am thankful for those of you who comment and also those of you who don't. We are all different and do things differently.

Anyway. Just a little note to say hey and thank you. Oh, and get this!! Husband told me that the other day, Little Girl, our baby, kept pointing to the above picture in a magazine and saying, Mommy! Mommy! Ha. Clearly, I do not look like Heidi Klum. But also clearly, this made me smile and whip up a little frilly, happy-dance blog post.

Anxiety post in the morning. Celebrity musing in the afternoon. That's ADR for you :)

Happy Wednesday, all.

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