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December 1, 2012. Our Elf has arrived. Meet Scout.

The big girls woke up early, super excited to find their friend. They donned last year's Christmas pajamas, barreled down the stairs and appeared at our bedside, giddy. We gave them permission to look for their little buddy and they were quick to spot him. He was lounging on a wall sconce.

Husband and Little Girl are still snoozing, but the rest of us are up. I just turned on the Christmas music and made a pot of coffee. This time, a bit more successfully I think. And I gave the girls their new sequined Santa hats ($2.99 from Duane Reade, baby!). They got down to work, making a welcome picture for little Scout. Middle Girl took a quick break to inform me that this is already "the best day ever."

Just now? My girls broke into a little best day dance. It's only 7am and I'm but a few sips into my coffee, but I can tell it's going to be a good day. Maybe even the best month ever. In a few hours, we are off to buy our tree! Yay!

Happy first day of December, all!

{My plan/hope is to post tiny bits throughout the weekend, so do check back!}

Do you have an Elf in Residence this month? What his his name? Any grand plans for this weekend? Yay or nay on the weekend posts here at ADR?

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