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Which Magazines Do You Read?

magazines I used to read a lot of gossip magazines. Each week, I'd go to the newsstand, pluck all of the new ones, bring them home and then devour them. The funny thing is that they all had the same stories, the same pictures. But this didn't stop me. Still, I'd buy them all, spend time flipping through all of those pages. It was as if I didn't want to miss a thing about the strange and befuddling celebrity species.

These days. I still buy the magazines from time to time, but often don't get around to reading them. It's weird, and probably good, but I don't find myself caring quite as much whether Angelina is pregnant or adopting again or whether Goldie Hawn looks okay without makeup or whether Beyonce lip-synched.

These days. I tend to spend far less time with magazines and when I do carve out the time, I usually spend it with The New Yorker or O Magazine or People or even a good, thick Vogue if I'm getting a pedicure.

P.S. Per the above pic, it's evident that I still invest in mags. I happen to love the imagery of The New Yorker against a background of less serious magazines which, yes, I relish occasionally. I like to think this picture reflects the contradictions in me, and in many of us.

What magazines do you read? Have you ever indulged in celebrity gossip? Why do you think so many people care so much about this stuff? Do you do most of your magazine reading in print or online?

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