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little bee

This morning. Circa 7:40am. It was time to get the big girls out the door and head to school. And Little Girl stood next to us by the front door and cried. "Bye bye too! Bye bye too!" she crooned. It was not the morning to take her. I had to make it to the East Side and back and then pop by my physician's office for a quick vaccine (turns out my childhood immunity to mumps has lapsed and it was time for a booster). Anyway, it would be far from easy to bring the baby. But I looked down at her, her pleading blue eyes, and I decided. She would come with us.

And it was not easy. At all. But it was wonderful. We ran around the city, dropping sisters at school, hopping in and out of taxis, chasing each other down sidewalks. The wind was brutal and there were cold cheeks and fingers, and plenty of tears and lollipop bribes, but we made it everywhere we needed to go and then home again. The best part is that this little girl and I had time together, time in transit, crazy time, but time. That means something. A lot, I think.

My morning was much harder than it needed to be, but it was also much better. Easy should not always be the goal. I hope to remember this.

Do you find yourself making decisions based on easy and hard? Do you agree than easy is not always best?

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