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I mentioned it a bit on Facebook, but I did an interview last week on Bloomberg Law about my transition from law to writing. Bloomberg's Spencer Mazyck interviewed me for his wonderful Stealth Lawyer series and despite a bit of anxiety about being onscreen, the whole thing turned out to be a great experience. I answered questions about my experience at law school and working at a law firm and my ultimate decision to break up with Mr. BigLaw. I was also given the chance to talk about my novel Life After Yes, this blog, the Huffington Post, and my next book (which, frankly, is kicking my butt). I also found myself talking about harder things - the loss of my father, my struggle with postpartum anxiety, the dilemmas I face in writing about my family and my life.

I must say that I felt really nervous watching the segment back for the first time a little while ago, but I'm okay now, sipping my coffee, soaking up this good day, feeling thankful to have had this opportunity. Thank you, Spencer, and Bloomberg TV, for having me!

Okay. Deep breaths... Here it is:



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