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The plan was to forgo blogging this weekend, but I couldn't resist... We just had the most amazing meeting with our fabulous wedding photographer Philippe Cheng. We are going to work with him on finally doing our wedding album, on curating family photo walls in our home, and also on selecting some of his gorgeous and abstract photos to display throughout our place. Anyway, he just left and I really need to shower for our date night of furniture shopping and dinner, but I am so excited about all of this that I had to come here. I love this photo and so many of the others from our big day 8+ years ago. I can't believe we waited this long to start doing our album, but part of me is very glad we did. There is something so incredible about looking at these images with fresh eyes and three little girls bouncing beside us. Yay!

Hope you all have a great Saturday night!

How long did it take you to do your wedding album?

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