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concert On Saturday nights, Husband and I go on dates. Typically, dinner or a movie or both. But this weekend we did something different. Something out of our proverbial comfort zone. We went to a concert. We saw The Lumineers play at Terminal 5. They were absolutely incredible, but what was even more incredible was the experience. There we were, thirtysomething parents of three tiny girls, waiting in a humongous line on a dimly sit street near the river. There we were, sipping bad beer from flimsy plastic cups. There we were, afloat in a sea of strangers, singing aloud, rocking it out. For most of the night, I stood right in front of Husband and he, much taller than I, draped his arms down around my shoulders.

It was really romantic. It was really fun. It was different.

At one point, the band brought onstage a group of kids from Success Academy Bronx 2 to perform a couple songs. These kids (second graders?) sang and danced their little hearts out and we in the crowd went absolutely wild. Talk about powerful. Talk about dreams coming true. I had tears in my eyes.

success academy

We left the concert a bit early to meet friends at a birthday party. Outside, it had begun to snow. Soft flakes flitted down as we looked for a cab. I was cold, yes. But I was happy, that giddy kind of happy that's pure swirly magic. That giddy kind of happy that's a bit harder to come by when you're immersed in a rich, complicated, responsibility-laden real life. The giddy kind of happy that, say, makes you pause in a filthy little public restroom and snap a picture of your smiling self just so you remember.

giddy happy

On Saturday night, I was reminded of something, and keenly too: Change it up from time to time and good things can happen.

What's the last concert you went to? Are you good about changing it up from time to time? When's the last time you felt that giddy breed of happiness?

Be Honest With Yourself.

ADR Friday Loves 02.01.13